Pasta Antichi Poderi of Masseria Conti Filo

Durum Wheat Flour Pasta

Our pasta comes from the passion for our land and from the wish to give our customer a healthy and nutritious product, with excellent characteristics. This pasta is the result of an accurate selection of particular varieties of wheat. They are cultivated in full respect for the environment and on lands devoted to cereal growing.

Ripened in the sun of the wonderful south of italy, our wheat is harvested when the grain reaches the right point of maturation, in order to avoid the development of mold and mycotoxins.

It is processed in a small traditional mill that, thanks to a perfect milling, extracts from it only the best part.

In this way the bran is extracted and it is entrusted to local pasta makers, who still use traditional processing methods that require time and dedication, such as bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures. our aim has been to create a special pasta with a unique flavour, which encompasses all the best italian tradition.

Delicate milling, bronze drawing, slow drying: these are the elements that contribute to the creation of our antichi poderi pasta, a high-quality product born from the passion, experience and quality.

Lemon IGP Pasta of Rocca Imperiale

Lemon essential oil is extracted from lemon peel and contains the same properties of the lemon, but these are implemented on the exterior surface, thanks to the presence of LIMONENE, an active ingredient havimg detoxifying, draining, alkalizing effects, it helps the digestion process, regulates blood pressure, blood and mucous membranes ph levels. It also helps to counteract cholesterol, to strengthen the immune system and it is able to oppose the proliferation of abnormal cells in the body, such as those responsible for the formation of some types of cancer.

Roman emperors, who were well aware of the benefits of lemon, used it for its anti-venom properties. It is said that Nero, who lived in fear of being poisoned, made extensive use of it.

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